The Gale

Germanium Discrete op-amp Distortion/fuzz

The Gale V1 Reissue

Note: All of the versions contain almost the exact same circuit, so there are no perceivable sonic differences across the variants. Just wanted to clarify if you watch a demo and think "hey, that looks totally different!"



About 5 years ago, we released The Gale, one of our first truly original designs. It's an incredibly versatile distortion/fuzz that had really cool tattoo graphics by a Czech artists named SloLorrist. We asked her to "draw a ship getting messed up in a storm" and her first draft was perfect. We did a small number in the original sparkle blue with this artwork and unique knob layout, then we released a V2 in a smaller form factor with simpler graphics. People have consistently asked about the original artwork for a while, so we decided to do a small run and reissue it in two powdercoat new colors! Sparkle black and sparkle white. This is limited edition in the sense that we don't plan on making more in the foreseeable future in this color scheme. 


The Gale is a complex and harmonically rich distortion/fuzz with custom-designed Germanium, discrete operational amplifier architecture that covers a huge range of distortion, drive, and fuzz tones. The unique shape control allows you change the way the clipping circuit behaves with high and low pass filters, making it super-interactive with the tone control. You can get some light-drive edge all the way to blistering fuzz. It does low gain incredibly well but gets VERY hairy VERY fast. Version 2 includes cosmetic and minor circuit changes only. 

  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • True Bypass via Gorva Premium footswitch
  • Enclosure printed and drilled in the USA
  • Hand wired and assembled in California
  • NOS Germanium transistors and diodes
  • Limited Edition PCB
  • NOS machined aluminum knobs
  • Nichicon audio grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Really sick flat-top LED indicator
  • Standard negative ground power 


  • Top-mounted jacks, input on right, output on left
  • True-bypass stomp switch is on/off, indicated by LED
  • "Volume" controls the amount of output (a lot)
  • "Gain" controls the gain simultaneously in two discrete gain stages in the circuit for a wide sweep from light grit to full-on fuzz
  • "Tone" is a low-pass filter that is interactive with the Shape control
  • "Shape" controls the "high shelf" in the clipping amplifier which can "shape" the distortion characteristics to be more sharp and high passed or wooly and beefy.


We always recommend isolated power supplies. If you daisy chain effects on one supply or use a low-quality product, you may inject noise, ripple, ground loop hum, etc. This effect requires 9v, center negative power. In other words, the industry standard power supply.  Current draw: 4.5mA



The Gale


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