our story

A family affair

Spruce Effects is a husband and wife team located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to create classic sounds in a custom, modern package that can  be used for any playing style. We're not so much interested in creating sounds that are novel and single-dimensional, but we are committed to creating sounds that will help you find your signature tone. Like many boutique pedal manufacturers, our beginnings were humble and began with a fascination for tinkering.


After building many kits, vero board one-offs, and customs/mods for friends and local musicians, Spruce Effects invested more and more time to take the vision to the next level. The journey has been long, but we are extremely pleased with our first professional line of effects. 


Our current logo evolved from a water-color logo painting made about 10 years ago, inspired by the outdoors and a love of natural wood. At the time, one of Brian's favorite tone woods was spruce, and he was doodling trees a lot. Pretty simple!


Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is simple: Design and build beautiful, amazing-sounding effects, provide fast and personal customer service, and give musicians the opportunity to express and inspire.


Spruce Effects is guided by a philosophy that centers on one thing: the whole package. A lot of effects pedals are beautiful, but don't sound great. A lot of them sound great, but aren't beautiful. And many are nice looking, sound good, but are poorly made. Our pedals are beautiful, well-made, and sound great. This takes more time and costs more for us, but we think it makes for a better customer experience.


Each pedal is designed and put together by the two of us in our home workshop. We hand-stamp every bag, box, and write every label. It's hard work but we love it. 


We strive to show customers care and support, so please feel free to reach out to us. This is not a money making machine, but a passion we are trying to spread as wide as possible. We hope you'll join us!