Wild Nasty Fuzz tones. Yet incredibly versatile.

The Americana Series: Volcanoes

As the western-most National Park in the United States, Volcanoes is the second pedal in The Americana Series. This fuzz is a departure from the smooth and subtle Eastern cousin, Acadia. Although Volcanoes is nasty at heart, the Germanium input gain stage allows for a huge range of cleanup and dynamic low-gain tones. 

  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • Gorva premium soft-touch mechanical switch
  • Proprietary turret+PCB design
  • NOS Germanium transistor
  • NOS Ero, Vishay, Philips, CDE, Sprague, Dearborn and other premium quality audio-grade capacitors
  • Dale Military spec metal film resistors 
  • Hand-wired and assembled in California
  • Custom tin 'lunch box' carrying case
  • Hand silk-screened customized ID tag
  • Custom maple and steel etched bartender's bottle opener
  • Custom art print and instruction card


More details below.



  • 1 lb
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-2 weeks



First row of knobs (Northwestern most): Volume and Gain

  • Volume controls the master volume of the entire circuit. It gets very loud.
  • Gain controls the gain level of the first gain-stage in the circuit. You can slam the rest of it or choke it to rely on the controls at the end of the circuit

Second row of knobs: Depth, Bias, Fuzz

  • Depth controls the frequency being fed into the first gain-stage. CW is beefy, CCW is thin and treble-y
  • Scoop controls the mids character of the fuzz. CCW is scooped and CW is bright and present
  • Fuzz does not control the amount of fuzz, but rather the character of the fuzz

All controls are incredibly interactive. Great tones are available at any setting, but after spending some time with it, you'll really get things dialed in and find fun extremes and middle ground that work for your tastes and rig! 



It is CRITICAL that you use a high quality, isolated and filtered power supplies with The Americana Series. Every modern measure was taken to ensure quiet, recording-worthy noise suppression, but low-quality power and power supplies can inject unwanted noise in these effects and cause compatibility issues.  Even though we've designed them to play nicely on a daisy chain, we don't recommend it. 


Returns are not accepted on small batch effects like The Americana Series.