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Premium Small Batch Effects

Every once in a while we will build a small batch of PTP hand-wired effects in custom enclosures. Future runs are possible, but unlikely given the scarcity of NOS parts and knobs. 

Dallas Rangemaster

The Dallas Rangemaster was a non-switchable treble booster made in the 1960s using a Germanium transistor (typically OC44) by Dallas Arbiter in England. We have modernized it and are using only premium components for quiet performance and incredible tone. Limited to a batch of 20, these will likely never be made in the NOS knob configuration again. 

  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • Top knob controls gain, bottom knob controls the frequency boosted (high to low clockwise)
  • Demont true-bypass soft switch (literally the best mechanical switch made)
  • NOS Mullard OC42 Germanium Transistor
  • Point to Point hand-wired and assembled in California
  • Mil Spec Dale and 1% Xicon metal film resistors
  • Phillips and other premium audio grade NOS capacitors
  • Positive ground--high-quality isolated and filtered, power supply required! Must use a normal, 2.1mm Boss style 9v adapter
  • Laser-etched Spruce Effects tree logo
  • Limited Matte Gray powdercoat 
  • USPS Priority mail shipping included to Continental US; $15 elsewhere
  • Note: each unit might have slight parts variations depending on availability unless otherwise noted
  • Build time is 2-3 weeks



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