Analog Spring Reverb and Germanium Preamp

The Americana Series: Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a national treasure. Known around the world for it's powerful scenery, wilderness, and iconic imagery, Yosemite is one of the most popular National Parks. This one is very special for us, as it's in our "backyard" and the park we've visited the most. Due to it being our favorite local National Park, we've decided to make the Americana Series pedal with its name the most special thing we've ever released.  


We are mostly known for fuzz. Germanium fuzz, in fact. We have released one non-gain-based pedal in our history out of countless releases, and this is our second. Yosemite is a 100% unique, designed from the ground up true analog spring reverb and Germanium preamp. Utilizing a unique set of controls, it will be a unique reverb addition to your pedal board. Yosemite is not meant to replace your digital delays or onboard amp reverb, but what it lacks in space, it makes up for in color, texture, and dynamics. From subtle echo, to chaotic and clangy vibrations, you can use Yosemite to add dimension to ambient picked notes or use it with delays for noisy experimentation.


  • Hand-silk-screened graphics from Pine-Box Customs
  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • Alpha low-profile true bypass switch
  • Proprietary turret+PCB design
  • NOS Germanium transistor
  • NOS Ero, Vishay, Philips, CDE, Sprague, Dearborn, Siemens and other premium quality audio-grade capacitors
  • Dale Military spec metal film resistors 
  • Hand-wired and assembled in California
  • Custom tin 'lunch box' carrying case
  • Hand silk-screened customized ID tag
  • Custom maple and steel etched bartender's bottle opener
  • Custom art print and instruction card


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  • 4 lb
  • Sold Out




First row of knobs (Northwestern most first): Volume and Preamp Gain

  • Volume controls the overall output of the effect, post-mixer
  • Preamp Gain controls the output from the Germanium gainstage going into the tone control section in parallel with the reverb driver circuit. It helps add more color and grit to your signal as well as providing enough juice to compliment a dirty amp or fuzz section. This level of gain will be mixed in with the wet signal.

Second row of knobs (Southwestern most first): Mix, Preamp Tone, Reverb Gain

  • The Mix controls the amount of dry and wet signal being combined before the final volume control. controls the overall volume of the modulation portion of the circuit. It is directly before the output Germanium gainstage. 
  • Preamp Tone controls the tone character of the Germanium Preamp. 
  • Reverb Gain is the first gain control coming off of the input buffer going into the Reverb driver. It gets pretty unruly at high settings because you are hitting the springs harder. Dial it back for chill sounds or crank it for some noisy chaotic fun with your delays and oscillators. 


  • Mix Balance: This trim pot adds series resistance to your dry signal coming from the Preamp. It allows you to fine tune the mix control. It's set from factory to feel pretty much "half and half" at noon on the external mix control. Please do not touch.
  • Reverb Tone: This trim pot fine tunes the tone behavior from the reverb section before going into the mixer. It's most useful if you are changing around your signal chain or changing your guitars or amps drastically.  Or just for fun! 


Yosemite should be as far away from your power supply and noisy pedals as possible. This circuit is prone to noise and feedback if vibrations, proximity to electronics, or otherwise intrusive types of interactions. Yosemite performs best when physically distant from your amp, power supply, and other pedals. It is critical that you use a high quality, isolated and filtered 9v DC power supplies with The Americana Series. Every modern measure was taken to ensure quiet, recording-worthy noise suppression, but low-quality power and power supplies can inject unwanted noise in these effects. Even though we've designed them to play nicely on a daisy chain, we don't recommend it.