Introducing the

Sub Tropic Phase Guitar Pedal

Introducing our new flagship line of vintage inspired pedals that utilize turret-pcb hybrid construction, the finest NOS and modern parts, and premium packaging and swag.


We developed this line to be an homage to the National Park system of the United States, featuring nostalgic artwork that pays tribute to WPA lithographs from the 1930s and 40s, as well as the beauty of the American landscape. The line is small-batch, so a single effect will be released every two months in small quantities until sold out. Once the full line has been released, we will cycle back through, starting with Acadia. Newsletter subscribers get first dibs through private invitation, so subscribe if you aren't already. 


The Lineup


As the eastern-most National Park in the United States, The Acadia is the first pedal being released in The Americana Series.


This fuzz is a highly tune-able beast with multiple gain stages ready for whatever your amp, guitar, and playing style can throw at it. It can do light, warm grit, subtle, volume-interactive fuzz, and raging sustain depending on settings. 


Warm germanium boost, fuzz, distortion, and everything.


Released May 1st