Analog Germanium Pre-Amp, EQ, and foundational overdrive

The Americana Series: Glaciers

At about 90% of the size of California by land mass, but less than 3% of the population, Montana has loads of space for their TWO incredible National Parks: Glacier and the ever popular Yellowstone. Montana is Big Sky Country and and incredible place to visit if you never have. Glacier National Park is a sight to behold. Wildlife, incredible landscapes, and amazing remains and evidence of millions of years of glacial impact.


We love Germanium transistors. That's no secret. We love them in boosts, fuzz, modded classics, original classics, etc. We love using them as building blocks for gain stages and we love using them in stand alone effects. As many pedal designs for us go, we started with an idea and talked to John from Electronic Audio Experiments. Glaciers is the result of months of work, tweaking a preamp from another effect we are working on and now it's become its own beast. Glaciers is a fresh, unique, and powerful Germanium preamp and EQ effect that we designed from the ground up to be your foundational overdrive and gain-stage. It's a dual stage preamp with powerful tone controls that give you flexibility, color, warmth, and tone that you can't get from other boosts or light-drives. It's robust and unique amplifying, filtering, and clipping character will occupy you for hours directly plugged into your favorite amp--or it will become a necessary staple in your more complex signal chains. We set out to create a versatile and dynamic extension of your playing, guitar voicing, and your rig. 


  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • Gorva premium soft-touch mechanical switch
  • Proprietary turret+PCB design
  • NOS Germanium Transistor
  • NOS Ero, Vishay, Philips, CDE, Sprague, TEX-CAP, MKT and other premium quality audio-grade capacitors
  • Dale Military spec metal film resistors 
  • Hand-wired and assembled in California
  • Custom tin 'lunch box' carrying case
  • Hand silk-screened customized ID tag
  • Handmade wooden sticker and other swag
  • Custom maple and steel etched bartender's bottle opener
  • Custom art print and instruction card


More details below.



  • 4 lb
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships in 5+ weeks




First row of knobs (Northwestern most): Volume and Gain

  • Volume controls the overall output volume of the preamp
  • Gain controls the amount of signal being fed into the Germanium gain stage and adds a  pleasing midrange emphasis as it is turned up

Second row of knobs: Depth, Treble, Bass

  • The Depth knob controls pre gain low end. It changes the compression and thickness of the drive and is useful for fine tuning your EQ based on guitar type
  • Treble controls the final amount of treble in the tone stack (works in conjunction with bass)
  • Bass controls the final amount of treble in the tone stack (works in conjunction with treble)


  • The presence control trims off harsh treble frequencies and can be set to taste! It's set from our bench to sound good with single coils (telecaster), so feel free to brighten things up or darken them with this trimmer



It is critical that you use a high quality, isolated and filtered 9v DC power supplies with The Americana Series. Every modern measure was taken to ensure quiet, recording-worthy noise suppression, but low-quality power and power supplies can inject unwanted noise in these effects. Even though we've designed them to play nicely on a daisy chain, we don't recommend it.