frequently asked questions

1. What kind of power supply should I use with your effects?

Filtered and regulated. There are many moderately priced, good quality power supplies that both filter dc hum and regulate your supply so you can run a quiet and efficient effects chain. If you choose to use daisy-chained "wall warts", make sure you use a high quality one designed for effects pedals. Even our Germanium-powered devices can be chained with negative ground power supplies and effects chains, so it will work. You may experience ground loops, RF interference, noise/hum with single source power supplies. Message us if you want specific brand/DIY suggestions!


3. Can my store sell your pedals?

Message us for dealer information! 

4. Why don't you use batteries?

A few reasons. First, we've found that a lot of issues with pedals behaving poorly/breaking increase exponentially when users open them up. When replacing batteries,  components can be touched, wires moved, etc. When troubleshooting effects, the first question we ask is "Have you opened it?" Chances are, the user opened it and accidentally put something out of whack. Secondly, batteries are bad for the environment and 9v prices are a bit ridiculous. Lastly, most users prefer to have all of their effects running on their pedalboard power. It keeps things consistent and easier to keep track of.  If you buy into the "dying Zinc battery in my fuzz" impacting sound, there are quite a few DIY and commercial voltage sag enabled power supplies. Google a bit or check out the forums. We are currently developing a feature on the Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth that allows the user to switch in a voltage sag simulator circuit. 

6. Do you accept returns?

Yes. You have 14 days to try our effects and return them if you don't like them. The 14 day period begins when shipment tracking indicates "delivered" status. Spruce Effects must receive the item by end of business day on the 14th calendar day, Sundays being the exception.  We are a small operation and cannot afford to allow buy-then-try for our pedals. We hope that you do your due diligence, check out our sound clips, ask questions, see reviews online, Instagram, etc. With that said, we are reasonable people and know that "life happens".



1. Any issues with the merchandise/products must be communicated to Spruce Effects through the Spruce Effects contact form and discussed via email or phone before returning. This means that the buyer must reach out to us when an issue arises. We will respond and try to help before initiating the return;


2. The condition of the merchandise is "as new". "As new" means the products, packing materials, and accompanying accessories are free of any signs of use, wear, or harm. Any blemishes, signs of use, scratches, harm, wear, etc. upon receipt of return will void validity of the return and we will contact you;




3. Buyer pays return shipping.


Upon meeting these requirements, Spruce Effects LLC. will either, a) bill buyer via PayPal for return shipping label or b) require buyer to supply own shipping label to return products. Upon receipt of products and verification that terms have been met, Spruce Effects LLC. will refund payment via original payment method or contact buyer to discuss.

7. What is your warranty?

We warranty all of our effects pedals to be free from manufacturer defects and issues when they leave our hands for 3 years. If there is an issue, we will fix it for free. If you broke the effect due to misuse, we will not fix it for free. Misuse is described as any indication that the pedal has been exposed to water, dropped (dented or cracked), run at a higher voltage than specified, has been subjected to excessive forces, or other avoidable calamities that may befall a pedal. All warranty repairs must be approved before you send items back to us. Certain components are not covered under warranty, including, but not limited to, mechanical items like switches or vintage or NOS components. With all of that said, the one caveat is that we  want you to be happy, so please contact us if you have issues with our stuff and we will work hard make things right. 

8. Why doesn't my pedal sound exactly like the demo?

Our demo videos were created in a very controlled setting, with our recommended power supply, our amps and guitars, etc. We try to give a sense of the variety available in our effects, but your mileage will vary. If you put our Growth Ring Boost in front of a Peavey solid state amp, it's not going to do what it's supposed to. 


If you have questions specific to your rig and style, let us know and we'd be happy to make some recommendations before you purchase to make sure you get what you need.  We are also encouraging as much social media exposure, demos, etc. so people can get a sense of how our effects sound in different situations. In an ideal world, we'd have 100 minutes of audio and video for each effect with 10 different guitars, amps, and guitarists. 

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