Warm germanium boost, fuzz,Distortion, and everything

The Americana Series: Acadia

As the eastern-most National Park in the United States, The Acadia is the first pedal being released in The Americana Series. This fuzz is a highly tune-able beast with multiple gain stages ready for whatever your amp, guitar, and playing style can throw at it. It can do light, warm grit, subtle, volume-interactive fuzz, and raging sustain depending on settings. 

  • Switchcraft and Lumberg Jacks
  • V2 is negative ground, eliminating any charge-pump heterodyne interference issues
  • Gorva premium soft-touch mechanical switch
  • Proprietary turret+PCB design
  • NOS Germanium transistors
  • NOS Ero, Vishay, Philips, CDE, Sprague, Dearborn and other premium quality audio-grade capacitors
  • Dale Military spec metal film resistors 
  • Silver-coated solid core teflon wire
  • Hand-wired and assembled in California
  • Custom tin 'lunch box' carrying case
  • Hand silk-screened customized ID tag
  • Custom maple and steel etched bartender's bottle opener
  • Custom art print and instruction card


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  • 1 lb
  • Sold Out




First row of knobs (Northwestern most): Volume and Gain

  • Volume controls the master volume of the entire circuit. It gets very loud.
  • Gain controls the gain level of the first gain-stage in the circuit. You can slam the rest of it or choke it to rely on the controls at the end of the circuit

Second row of knobs: Depth, Bias, Fuzz

  • Depth controls the frequency being fed into the first gain-stage. CW is beefy, CCW is thin and treble-y
  • Bias controls the character of the fuzz. CW is squishy, CCW is louder and more open
  • Fuzz controls the overall amount of fuzz. 




It is critical that you use a high quality, isolated and filtered power supplies with The Americana Series. Every modern measure was taken to ensure quiet, recording-worthy noise suppression, but low-quality power and power supplies can inject unwanted noise in these effects. Even though we've designed them to play nicely on a daisy chain, we don't recommend it.