Fire Relief

Fires suck. Like, a lot. We are a California company, through and through. This has been the worst fire season on record for us and our daily lives are not only impacted, they are likely changed forever. We made a special run of Gales with the help from our friends at F5 Metalworks (donated all of the enclosures!) and Nick Barile, @n_barile for the artwork and the help organizing the donation logistics. Every single penny from the proceeds of this run go to fire relief. Not 10%. Not "all profits". All of it. You spend $200 and we send $200 directly to the two organizations we are working with: Community Foundation Santa Cruz County Fire Response Fund and the GoFundMe Wildfire Relief Fund for our friends in the Pacific Northwest.  We'll cover all the fees, manufacturing costs, and everything else so your money gets to where it needs to go. THANK YOU. 

Sub Tropic Phase Guitar Pedal

The Gale: Wildfire Relief

The Gale is a complex and harmonically rich distortion/fuzz with custom-designed Germanium, discrete operational amplifier architecture that covers a huge range of distortion, drive, and fuzz tones. The unique shape control allows you change the way the clipping circuit behaves with high and low pass filters, making it super-interactive with the tone control. You can get some light-drive edge all the way to blistering fuzz. These limited to 25 graphics are funding wildfire relief on the West Coast. 

Gale Wildfire Releif

The Gale, Wildfire Relief Limited Edition. 

Gale Wildfire Relief


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