Memorial Day Sale

A wild deal!

Since we just rereleased The Gale V2, we thought we'd do a special run of Rangemasters to go with it. But not just normal Rangemasters. Rangemaster: Foodie edition. We designed 5 laser graphics that will look familiar at first glance, but are very different...and not just because they have our logo on the bottom. You pick the food and the knobs. Here's the deal:


Rangemaster by itself: $139

The Gale by itself: $169

Gale AND a Rangemaster: Foodie edition and get the Rangemaster for $79. ($60 off!)


Add both products to your cart then enter code: "Foodie" at check out. If you already purchased a Gale and want the Rangemaster too, just buy the Rangemaster and use the same code and let us know in the notes. Gales are ready to ship but Rangemasters will take a couple of weeks to laser and put together. If you buy both and want to arrange for the Gale to ship sooner, send us a direct message. In/formerly in the military? Use code "military" for an extra 10% off and message us something to prove your service. THANK YOU!


Note: yes, we know the discount code will work even if you only buy one of the items. Please don't waste our time and potential processing fees (literally money out of our pocket) by trying to game the system. We are a two person business and don't have a ton of extra time to monitor people's honesty. Thanks!

Rangemaster: Foodie Edition

The Dallas Rangemaster was a non-switchable treble booster made in the 1960s using a Germanium transistor (typically OC44) by Dallas Arbiter in England. We have modernized it and are using high quality components for quiet and superior tone. There is an added frequency control that allows a full-range of tones! This is the last run of laser Rangemasters we are doing for a while.

  • Top mount jacks
  • Top knob controls Gain, bottom knob controls frequency
  • Laser-etched Spruce Effects tree logo and special edition "foodie" logo
  • Flat gray powdercoat
  • Featuring Wima and Nichicon capacitors
  • NOS Germanium Transistor
  • Standard negative-ground power
  • High-quality isolated and filtered, power supply required! Must use a normal, 2.1mm Boss style 9v adapter
  • Build time is appoximately 2 weeks



  • 1 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 2-3 weeks

The Gale


Almost a year in the making, The Gale is a complex and harmonically rich distortion/fuzz with custom-designed Germanium, discrete operational amplifier architecture that covers a huge range of distortion, drive, and fuzz tones. The unique shape control allows you change the way the clipping circuit behaves with high and low pass filters, making it super-interactive with the tone control. You can get some light-drive edge all the way to blistering fuzz.

  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • True Bypass
  • Enclosure printed and drilled in the USA
  • Hand wired and assembled in California
  • NOS Germanium transistors and diodes
  • Standard negative ground power 


  • Top-mounted jacks, input on right, output on left
  • True-bypass stomp switch is on/off, indicated by LED
  • "Volume" controls the amount of output (a lot)
  • "Gain" controls the gain simultaneously in two discrete gain stages in the circuit for a wide sweep from light grit to full-on fuzz
  • "Tone" is a low-pass filter that is interactive with the Shape control
  • "Shape" controls the "high shelf" in the clipping amplifier which can "shape" the distortion characteristics to be more sharp and high passed or wooly and beefy.


We always recommend isolated power supplies. If you daisy chain effects on one supply or use a low-quality product, you may inject noise, ripple, ground loop hum, etc. This effect requires 9v, center negative power. In other words, the industry standard power supply.  


Demo note: The old graphics feature the same circuit as the new, so don't be alarmed if the pedal in some of the demo videos does not look the same. It sounds the same! 


  • 1 lb
  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-5 days