The Gale

Germanium Discrete op-amp Distortion/fuzz


Note: This is a Soul City Sound exclusive and currently only available for sale on their site. Release is Friday, 1/20 at 9am PST. 



We linked up with Soul City Sound, a great retailer in Pennsylvania about a year ago to embark on a fuzzy journey with a circuit we didn't have a tone of experience with. The President of Soul City Sound, Ben, approached us about a possible custom pedal. We normally turn down those requests, but his passion for the fuzzrite circuit and our shared sensibilities for tone shaping while retaining the vintage character of classic pedals got us hooked. We made multiple prototypes, tried many transistors, modificaitons, got feedback, and landed on this beast. Excalibur! 

  • Dual-channel Silicon fuzz and Germanium Boost
  • Fuzz is a highly modified and tuned version of the Mosrite Fuzzrite (we’ve never used this circuit in any product before)
  • Boost is the classic “Rangemaster” implementation seen in other Spruce products
  • 100% handmade by Brian and Katie at Spruce Effects
  • Fuzz and Boost channels are switchable and the whole unit is true bypass
  • Through-hole construction
  • Low-noise metal-film resistors
  • Wima film and Nichicon capacitors
  • NOS Sprague and Philips ceramic disc capacitors 
  • Gorva soft-click footswitches
  • Lumberg and Switchcraft jacks
  • NOS Motorola (and similar) silicon transistors, hand-selected and auditioned
  • NOS Soviet era Germanium transistor, hand-selected and auditioned
  • “Spruce mode” tone toggle switch for more sculpting options
  • Input “Depth” control for even more tonal variety
  • Artwork by Evan Madden Design
  • Custom-printed and numbered box
  • Hand-stamped canvas bag


  • Fuzz Volume—controls the output volume of the fuzz
  • Fuzz Depth—controls the overall tone and frequency response of the fuzz
  • Fuzz Temper—controls the character of the fuzz, blending between the two silicon transistors (sort of works like a tone/texture control)
  • Boost Gain—controls the gain of the boost channel
  • Boost Depth—controls the overall tone and frequency response of the boost
  • Toggle above fuzz switch—”Spruce mode” aka “tone” switch
  • Toggle above boost switch—channel order
  • 9v center-negative high-quality isolated power supply only


We always recommend isolated power supplies. If you daisy chain effects on one supply or use a low-quality product, you may inject noise, ripple, ground loop hum, etc. This effect requires 9v, center negative power. In other words, the industry standard power supply.  




  • 1 lb



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