Yeti Machine

The Rolls royce of zonk machines

Yeti Machine


The Zonk Machine was a short-lived Tone Bender MK1 derivative produced by a company run by an Englishman named Hornby Skewes. It's similar in sound to a MK1 Tone Bender, but some claim it sounded more complex and had a slight oscillation and octave effect to it to further the depth of the sound. 


Our rendition of the rare 1965 original Germanium versions features some modern upgrades, but retains the accurate sound of the originals. What started as a custom one-off for an industry friend turned into a full-blown product that features some amazing specs. This is a very limited run. 


The Yeti Machine features extremely high quality new as well as rare and high quality NOS components. Some effects makers claim "premium" parts, but we sought out the best that we could find for this circuit (this is not an overstatement). Not only is the sound as good as you can find, it's quiet, and built to last forever. Each pedal is hand wired by Brian, meticulously tested, and true to the original Zonk sound. The video is of an original and what we modeled ours after. 

  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Demont soft-touch mechanical true-bypass switching, made in Japan (literally the finest audio-grade mechanical switch you can buy)
  • Enclosure printed and drilled in the USA
  • Yeti graphic drawn by well-known Czech graphic designer and tattoo artist, Slow Lorris
  • No circuit board, all point-to-point construction or terminal strip board wiring, hand-wired in California
  • Dale Military resistors
  • Real Alpha Potentiometers
  • All NOS Ero Polyester Film, CDE Film/Foil, Rifa Film/Foil, and Kemet Mil-Spec Tantalum Capacitors
  • Hand selected NOS Germanium Transistors (AC, Mullard, and Russian types)
  • Standard negative ground power--this pedal plays nicely with others! (there is an onboard charge-pump)


We always recommend isolated power supplies. If you daisy chain effects on one supply, you may inject noise, ripple, ground loop hum, etc. This effect requires 9v, center negative power. In other words, the industry standard power supply.  


  • Top-mounted jacks, input on right, output on left
  • True-bypass stomp switch is on/off, indicated by LED
  • "Swell" controls the amount of volume
  • "Fuzz" controls the characteristic/prominence of the fuzz--full counter clockwise is gated and sizzling, full clockwise is smoother and more articulate


  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery in 2-3 weeks



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