Treemolo Fuzz

More gain than you need. Smooth and throbby, too.

Treemolo Fuzz

This is the highest gain fuzz we've ever made. We got to "10" and thought--let's go past 11 and make it 12 or 13? Why not? The treemolo side also has some additional gain to drive your amp, the fuzz, both, or whatever else you have on your board. The treemolo side is smoooooth and subtle, surely to remind you of classic 60's tremolo sounds. You can use each effect independently (true bypass of course), both at once, and even pick the order of the two. This effect was designed for The TONE MOB and is only available in The Tone Mob Store

  • True Bypass
  • Top-mounted, Switchcraft jacks
  • High quality stomp switch: nickel plated lugs, phenolic plastic casing, precision engineered switching mechanism, high-tension spring for smooth stomping
  • Enclosure printed in USA
  • Hand wired and assembled in California


We always recommend isolated power supplies. If you daisy chain effects on one supply you may inject noise, ripple, ground loop hum, etc. This effect requires 9v, center negative power. In other words, the industry standard power supply. 



  • Input on right side, output to amp on left
  • True-bypass stomp switch is on/off, indicated by LED; Treemolo LED pulses with rate of tremolo
  • "Vol" controls Treemolo volume, can be used as a boost with speed and depth turned counterclockwise
  • "Speed" controls the speed of the tremolo effect
  • "Depth" controls the prominence of the tremolo effect--turning counterclockwise will allow you to eliminate the tremolo and use the volume as a boost
  • "Ring" controls fuzz volume
  • "Lean" controls the fuzz tone--counter clockwise is thinner and brighter, clockwise enters dark, wooly territory bordering on muffled
  • "Bark" controls the amount of fuzz--be careful--wild things can happen past 3pm


  • 1 lb




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