Goodbye, old friends

no longer made. still pretty rad.

Here are some of our past effects, ranging from our first Fuzz Face derivative to our most recent Tonebender animal. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, feel free to contact us to talk shop!  

Growth Ring Boost

This full-spectrum germanium booster makes your already breaking up or close to breaking up tube amp sound thicker, woolier, and meaner. With about 20dB of boost on tap, a frequency control (girth), you will want to leave it on all the time. We no longer make this boost, but we use the circuit topology in a lot of our pedals (because Rangemasters are amazing). 


Lichen Fuzz

A take on the classic fuzz sounds of the 60's, Lichen Fuzz is tuned to be dynamic, extremely touch sensitive, and reactive to your guitar's volume control.


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Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth

The Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth was our original flagship effect--and a maniac in a box. Two independent effect circuits, a Lichen Fuzz on the right, and a Growth Ring boost on the left. When experimenting with Germanium fuzz circuits on the breadboard, we wondered what it would be like to boost the fuzz with another Germanium gain stage. The results were staggering. You can run the effects independently, or keep them both on for intense, face-melting fuzz and boost tones.


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Sub-Tropic Phase

The Sub-Tropic Phase was a 6 stage optical phase unit that utilizes a custom built optical unit mounted on the PCB. This effect is purely analog and the phase is lush, deep, and watery. The controls on this unit are extremely diverse and you are sure to find tones you love while experimenting for hours.


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Treemolo Fuzz

This is the highest gain fuzz we've ever made. We got to "10" and thought--let's go past 11 and make it 12 or 13? Why not? The treemolo side also has some additional gain to drive your amp, the fuzz, both, or whatever else you have on your board. The treemolo side is smoooooth and subtle, surely to remind you of classic 60's tremolo sounds. You can use each effect independently (true bypass of course), both at once, and even pick the order of the two. This effect was designed for The TONE MOB and was limited to 12 units!


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Germanium Pelitaur

A collab between Pelican Noiseworks and Spruce Effects, the Germanium Pelitaur was a limited edition (50 units) beast that combined Pelican's amazing Pelitaur circuit with Spruce's passion for Germanium. With a hidden Germanium boost channel and a redesigned Germanium clipping circuit, the Germanium Pelitaur exceeded our expectations.


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The Yeti Machine

What started out as a custom one off for a client turned into a run of 10 point-to-point, hand-wired Tonebender Mk1 Monsters. With graphics from a Czech tattoo artist, these authentic 60's fuzz machines went quick. 


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Mystery Fuzz

From the 2018 Halloween season, this $99 fuzz was limited to 10 units and sold out extremely fast. To capture the spirit of the holiday, a detailed, spooky, and somewhat confusing fable was created to explain where this special edition came from. 


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