Current pedals

Sub Tropic Phase Guitar Pedal



the gale

Our new distortion/fuzz with a huge range of tones and incredibly versatile and useful gain and shape controls. 



Subtle colored boost, mild drive, or cranked-amp like 70's arena rock shredding. Controls give a huge range of sonic creativity in a small package. 


Old Growth Fuzz


Old Growth Fuzz

Heavy and sustaining fuzz reminiscent of David Gilmour's signature lead tone.  Modernized and upgraded, V2 has 2 clipping options and a flat-mids "cut" toggle. 


Salt Water Fuzz Guitar Pedal


SaltWater Fuzz

Searing lead tones, 3 NOS Germanium transistors, full control of treble and bass, and endless possibilities. Our most popular fuzz, this is a must for every board.


Sub Tropic Phase Guitar Pedal



Rainier Fuzz

Loud, robust, and heavy, this silicon fuzz has switchable gating and a flat-mids toggle.