Current pedals


Subtle colored boost, mild drive, or cranked-amp like 70's arena rock shredding. Controls give a huge range of sonic creativity in a small package. 


Old Growth Fuzz

Old Growth Fuzz

Heavy and sustaining fuzz reminiscent of David Gilmour's signature lead tone.  Modernized and upgraded, V2 has 2 clipping options and a flat-mids "cut" toggle. 


Salt Water Fuzz Guitar Pedal

SaltWater Fuzz

Searing lead tones, 3 NOS Germanium transistors, full control of treble and bass, and endless possibilities. Our most popular fuzz, this is a must for every board.


Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth Guitar Pedal

Yeti Machine

A Tonebender Mk1 or Zonk Machine with 4 different build options ranging from premium PTP or more economical. All are faithful and sound amazing. 


Sub Tropic Phase Guitar Pedal

Rainier Fuzz

Loud, robust, and heavy, this silicon fuzz has switchable gating and a flat-mids toggle.